Real people.  Real stories.  Real movement. 

A picture says a thousand words right? Have you ever looked into a picture and seen hurt, joy, unconditional love, and support all in one photo? I use this example because I am a photographer. I look for the best pictures, the perfect ones you could say. But behind every person is a story. A story that can move people, touch hearts, and then causes a ripple effect.

Everyone in life encounters difficult times. Some people will experience more than others. I am Angela Hunanian and through my difficult times, I have found a reason to smile. Friends and loved ones came along side of me and encouraged me through my hurt and heartache. I, now, want to see how, why, when, and where God will use my story. I want to show the hurting, that there is a new dawn, and a new day, and to find joy, even in the darkest times. Let us use our struggles to help encourage one another, and cause a movement of intentional love.


Lisa Lowes  & Nicole Lowes


We have a simple, but heartfelt mission: to provide free care packages to people battling cancer, to those who have experienced the loss of a child, or those who are wrestling with suicide. Our goal is to encourage people through a simple act of kindness. We want to make intentional decisions to help make a heartfelt difference.

We are sister in-laws, who in conjunction with our husbands have been called to serve. Each with our own struggle, we have the desire to encourage others going through similar challenges.  There comes a time in each of our lives when we realize that life is about more than just us.  Many times those realizations come when tragedy strikes.  And, yet those struggles tend to put our priorities into perspective. 

One of the areas that became extremely clear to us was the importance of serving others. We feel humbled to know that our struggles might inspire others in a movement.  We know that many of you have had similar struggles. The goal of our movement is 2 fold.  First, we want to provide care packages and/or encouragement to those who are currently facing our shared challenges. Second, we want to serve our community. There are a lot of hurting people who could use a helping hand. Let's band together in this journey because we are stronger as a group than as an individual. Join us in serving those who are hurting. It is in the act of serving that we tend to find true joy.  


Angela  Hunanian

We do a lot to provide hope and encouragement for those in need!


Our Vision is to become an organization that inspires others to move in the fight for kindness! 

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